Benefits of a Range Automation System:


  • Reduce energy usage by configuring the system to adjust your home's or business' thermostat at specific times of day or by allowing you to raise or lower temperatures by the tap of a finger on your smartphone with high-speed internet
  • Preset your system to turn off some or all of your lights when you leave your home


  • Never leave a key under the mat or with a neighbor. Automated door locks will allow you to open or lock your doors at anytime, from anywhere high speed internet access is available.
  • Turn lights on and off in random rooms, or outside, to give the illusion that your house is occupied while you are away
  • Preset your system to turn on specific lights when a garage or front door is opened
  • Get alerts on your smartphone when window or door sensors are tripped


  • Receive an alert on your smartphone if any of the following occur:
    • Door/s and windows are opened
    • Water sensors detect high water - saving you costly cleanup and repairs from a flooded basement
    • Temperature sensors detect low or high temperatures (as specified by you) - eliminating the hassle and expense from frozen pipes in your home, business, or recreational property


  • Whether at work or across the country, you can monitor your properties at anytime, from anywhere a high-speed internet connection is available


Make your home comfortable, efficient, and secure.

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Smarter Camera Systems

Would you like a picture sent to your phone the moment someone walks up to your door? Turn on the outside lights when someone pulls into the driveway? Range's camera systems can tie into your lighting and automation system for flawless convenience and security.

Robust Network Design

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Intuitive Alarm Systems

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