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Before You Dig!

MISS DIG is a safety notification system to advise the utilities of your proposed excavation work. Contractors and individuals who plan to excavate, blast, or drill with power equipment are required under Michigan's Public Act 53 of 1974, Public Act 204 of 1975, and Federal regulations to notify the utilities prior to any planned excavation.

Utility and municipal companies are required by law to participate in the "MISS DIG" notification system. Range can save you time and money by providing the equipment and personnel 24 hours a day for compliance with this law. Please contact us today for more information.

How does MISS DIG work?

Utility and Municipal companies are required to call MISS DIG at 800-482-7171 three working days prior to your excavation, and a trained MISS DIG operator will ask for the following:

  • Name and telephone number of the property owner
  • Contractor's name
  • The county name, where the work is being done
  • The section, township, and range numbers, where the work is being done
  • Type of work
  • Location of work: Street address, cross streets, or subdivision names
  • Start date ,and time of the dig

This information is immediately sent to Range's MISS DIG dispatch center. Range has been a dispatch center for 31 years in the Upper Peninsula.

Utilities, townships and municipalities subscribe to our service for a low monthly fee, and we dispatch tickets to them 24 hours a day. They will, in turn, locate and stake their underground facilities, ensuring that your construction site is a safe place to work.

For more information about Range's Telephone Answering Service, please call our

Answering Service Manager, Tony, at 1-800-235-2337 ext. 129 or email tony@rangetele.com