Tower Services

Examples of Range's tower services include, though are not limited to, those listed below. We are open to any job and no job is too small.

All of Range's climbers are extensively trained and certified in safe climbing practices and rescue procedures.

Line & Antenna Installation

  • Broadcast
  • Full Site installs
  • Internet Antennas
  • Backhauls


  • Relamping and Total Lighting Packages
  • Monitoring
  • FAA Compliance

Plumb & Tension

  • Tower Straightening
  • Bringing Guy Wires into Tension Specifications

Project Management

  • Site-Planning
  • Permitting
  • Tower Ordering
  • Installation
  • Maintenance

Range can provide a turn-key solution for your tower needs

Contact us or stop in at Range today to talk with Matt regarding your tower service solutions (1-800-235-2337 or