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Dave Savolainen Sr. led Range Corporation (dba Range Telecommunications) from its inception on April 1, 1974, until his retirement on Jan. 1, 2020. His technical expertise pioneered industry-leading electronic services, garnering numerous awards locally and nationally, including Marquette Business of the Year (1996) and the Shining Star Award (2010). He also served as President of SMR WON and was honored by the Radio Club of America in 2005 as the first person in Michigan to receive the Sr. Fellow distinction.


Following his retirement, Dave Jr. assumed ownership of Range, inheriting a deep familiarity with the industry since childhood. He maintains Range’s reputation for quality while adapting to technological advances. Matt, the third-generation Savolainen at Range, serves as Operations Manager, specializing in tower services. With a business degree from NMU, he relishes the challenge of solving unique problems at each tower site.

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