access Control

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Elevate your security standards with range relecommunications’ cutting-edge access control solutions. In today’s dynamic environment, safeguarding your premises and assets is non-negotiable. Our access control systems offer more than just restricted entry; they provide peace of mind and operational efficiency. With customizable access levels, real-time monitoring, and integration capabilities, our solutions empower you to manage access seamlessly across your organization. Whether you’re safeguarding a single entry point or an entire facility, our expertise ensures tailored solutions that prioritize both security and convenience. Trust range to deliver advanced access control solutions that safeguard your business, streamline operations, and adapt to your evolving security needs

Your facility. Your rules.


Keep your facility safe behind access controlled doors. Set your schedule when to allow access or when to deny. It's your call.

Go Keyless

No more wondering who has still has keys. When someone no longer requires access, you hold the power to retract access.

Digital Access

In addition to keycards or fobs, you can also utilize an easy-to-use mobile app to gain access to your facility.

Remote Support

Our team can help you change your settings, update your team, and more. We're here to make sure you're taken care or.

get control

ditch the keys and take control