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Sound. It’s what sets any venue apart. At range, we pride ourselves in providing sound systems that speak for themselves. We use top-of-the-line equipment coupled with decades of experience in commercial audio, live mixing, and recording to design a system that not only sounds incredible, but is easy to use. From home systems that will dazzle your guests to commercial spaces that will set your customers as ease, to houses of worship that will keep your congregation engaged and more: range has the experience to get you what you need.

We work with the best, so you get the best

We work with some of the best names in the industry to get you the best sound possible in your space.

easy to hear. easy to run. easy choice

Venues & Houses of Worship

Pro Installation

Our team has the knowledge and experience to get your system installed in your space and looking great.

Pro Tuning

Our audio engineers will use their decades of experience to tune your system to your room and your needs.

Designed for Ease

We've done the heavy lifting for you, so any changes you need to make are as simple as turning a dial, or clicking a button.


We design our systems to be adaptable for different events, services, and uses with just a click of a button.

transform your space.



Connect your cloud music service or locally hosted music to play in your space.

Be Heard

Need to make an announcement? Grab a mic and start talking. Our systems are designed to mix audio for you to make your job easier.

Take control

You decide what you want to hear and where. We can install audio anywhere and give you control of what's heard.

be heard

with sound they'll never forget